Add reaction


Full code example

This API call allows you to react to publications with a profile off-chain without needing to sign. For now, reactions are stored on the server but we working on a way to decentralised likes without making UX really horrible with signing on every single reaction.


This request is protected by authentication

hint: this means it requires an x-access-token header put in the request with your authentication token.

API Design

Add a reaction to a publication, please note if you pass in another reaction it will toggle it. What I mean by that is if you UPVOTE it then DOWNVOTE it the server will swap the UPVOTE to the DOWNVOTE.

This returns a void so no need to care about its response if successful.

mutation AddReaction {
  addReaction(request: { profileId: "0x01", reaction: UPVOTE, publicationId: "0x02-0x01" })


profileId - required

The profile id you wish to react from the authenticated user must own that profile.

reaction - required

currently, we support UPVOTE and DOWNVOTE dApp can make them work as they wish for example on lenster they have a heart button that only uses UPVOTE but other dApp use both.

publicationId - required

which publication do you wish to react to

Using LensClient SDK

import { ReactionTypes } from "@lens-protocol/client";

// lensClient is authenticated

const result = await lensClient.reactions.add({
  profileId: '0x01', 
  publicationId: '0x02-0x01',
  reaction: ReactionTypes.Upvote,