TypeScript Types

TypeScript Types

This page explains a few important concepts used by the Client SDK that you need to understand to correctly use the features offered by the package.

PromiseResult and Result return types

All methods that require authentication return PromiseResult object. Actually, that is a Result type wrapped in a Promise so if you await the method call, you will get a Result object. Check the example:

const promiseResult = lensClient.transaction.broadcast();

const result = await lensClient.transaction.broadcast(); // or await promiseResult;

// now what can we do with the Result object

// check if success or failure

// access the value if success
if(result.isSuccess()) {
  const value = result.value;

// access the error if failure
if(result.isFailure()) {
  throw result.error;

// unwrap to see what is inside
// it returns value if success and throws error if failure

PaginatedResult return type

The result of a type of PaginatedResult offers you the utility of requesting more results for the same query. Check the example below.

const paginatedResult = await lensClient.explore.profiles({
	limit: 10

// now what can we do with the PaginatedResult object

const firstTenItems = [...paginatedResult.items]; // clone as items will be overwritten when calling .next()

// fetch next batch of items
await paginatedResult.next()

const nextTenItems = [...paginatedResult.items];

// you can also request previous batch
await paginatedResult.prev()