Developer Quickstart

The easiest way to kick off your journey with Lens is by using the Lens React Hooks SDK. This SDK simplifies the process by eliminating the need for writing extensive lower-level GraphQL boilerplate for API calls to Lens, making the building of web and mobile apps on Lens a breeze.

If you're considering other frameworks or clients, such as different JavaScript frameworks, you might find the Lens Client SDK useful. For native Android or iOS app development, you'll need to interact with the Lens API directly.

Create a new Lens app

In this quickstart guide, we're using Next.js as the foundation for your app. We're also taking advantage of the create-next-app CLI tool, coupled with the lens-next-app template that we've put together. This template comes with a Next.js project that already has the Lens React SDK and ConnectKit integrated. To get your new Lens app up and running, just run one of the commands below.

npx create-next-app -e
yarn create next-app -e
pnpm create next-app -e
bunx create-next-app -e

Once you get the app running, you can connect a wallet and sign in with the Lens API. After that, you're all set to use other hooks to fetch profiles, publications, and a whole lot more.