Enabled modules currencies


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This request is protected by authentication

hint: this means it requires an x-access-token header put in the request with your authentication token.

Modules currencies are whitelisted tokens that can be used as the currency for charged modules. All module currencies must be whitelisted by the governance, if you try to use a none whitelisted currency when setting the module it will throw an error.

This query returns to you all the enabled module currencies

API Design

query EnabledModuleCurrencies {
  enabledModuleCurrencies {
  "data": {
    "enabledModuleCurrencies": [
        "name": "Currency",
        "symbol": "CRNC",
        "decimals": 18,
        "address": "0xD40282e050723Ae26Aeb0F77022dB14470f4e011"
type Query {
  enabledModuleCurrencies: [Erc20!]!
# The erc20 type
type Erc20 {
  # Name of the symbol
  name: String!

  # Symbol for the token
  symbol: String!

  # Decimal places for the token
  decimals: Int!

  # The erc20 address
  address: ContractAddress!
# Contract address custom scalar type
scalar ContractAddress


You can check current list here

WMATIC -> 0x9c3C9283D3e44854697Cd22D3Faa240Cfb032889

Using LensClient SDK

const result = await lensClient.modules.fetchEnabledCurrencies()