Follower NFT owned token ids


Full code example

This query returns the follower NFT for a profile token ids that the wallet address owns. Remember a wallet can follow a profile as many times as they wish.

API Design

query FollowerNftOwnedTokenIds {
  followerNftOwnedTokenIds(request: { 
                address: "0xD020E01C0c90Ab005A01482d34B808874345FD82",
              profileId: "0x01"
             }) {
  "data": {
    "followerNftOwnedTokenIds": {
      "followerNftAddress": "0x3471422cf7340ff2cC3608BCbc4B247F41F144d5",
      "tokensIds": [
type Query {
  followerNftOwnedTokenIds(request: FollowerNftOwnedTokenIdsRequest!): FollowerNftOwnedTokenIds!
input FollowerNftOwnedTokenIdsRequest {
  address: EthereumAddress!
  profileId: ProfileId!
# Ethereum address custom scalar type
scalar EthereumAddress
# ProfileId custom scalar type
scalar ProfileId
type FollowerNftOwnedTokenIds {
  followerNftAddress: ContractAddress!
  tokensIds: [Int!]!

# Contract address custom scalar type
scalar ContractAddress