Community Multisig

To ensure the safety of the Lens Protocol’s users and promote the development of a robust, constructive network, the protocol will be launched in a guarded manner, that is, controlled by a community multisig consisting of trusted parties throughout the Web3 ecosystem. The transition to multisig as well as the signers will be announced soon!

This multisig will be able to authorize the following actions:

  • Setting up Governance and Emergency Admin Addresses
  • Setting Treasury Addresses and Fees
  • Whitelisting Assets
  • Moving the Lens Protocol System into a PublishingPaused or fully Paused state
  • Whitelisting addresses to create profiles
  • Whitelisting Follow, Collect, and Reference Modules
  • Upgrading the Lens Protocol Hub Contract

Notwithstanding its abilities, the multisig will not be able to do the following:

  • Coopt, affect or otherwise move funds from any user of the system
  • Burn any Follower or Collect NFT
  • Burn or edit any non-Lens NFT
  • Take any action on any other deployment of the Lens Protocol

For launch, all fees will be disabled and the following assets will be whitelisted: