Quick Setup

Get set up and hit the ground running in a matter of minutes!

Setting up Your Local Repository

To set things up, we're going first to clone the repository, set up the environment, and finally, build and enter our Docker container!

As mentioned previously, you'll need Git and Docker Compose.

1. Clone the Repository

git clone [email protected]:lens-protocol/core.git

2. Create Your .env File

(Note: It can be blank for local development!)

cd core
touch .env 

3. Start Docker Compose

Note: This is only tested on Unix-based systems, Docker facilitates development, but users can still opt not to use it. Windows users, if running into trouble, can consider setting up the WSL.

export USERID=$UID && docker-compose build && docker-compose run --name lens contracts-env bash

Alright, next up, we're going to spin up our own local blockchain and deploy the entire protocol on it.

Enter The Container in Another Terminal

Open up an additional terminal and execute the following command:

docker exec -it lens bash

Clean container

To clean up leftover running containers, just execute the following command:

USERID=$UID docker-compose down