Snapshot integration

Integrate Snapshot voting into your Lens app

With version 1.2 of the Lens SDK we introduced an integration with Snapshot voting system. In this guide we will show you how to add, visualize, and vote for a Snapshot Proposal from your Lens app.

This guide will assume you have familiarity with Snapshot. Refer to their documentation for more details.

Add Snapshot proposal to a publication

We will assume you know how to create a Snapshot Proposal. Just paste the Proposal URL into the content of a Post or Comment and publish it.

import { ContentFocus, ProfileOwnedByMe, useCreatePost } from '@lens-protocol/react-web';
import { uploadJson } from './upload'

function Composer({ publisher }: { publisher: ProfileOwnedByMe }) {
  const { execute: create, error, isPending } = useCreatePost({ publisher, upload: uploadJson });

  const onSubmit = async (content: string) => {
    await create({
      content: `
      	Vote my proposal here:
      contentFocus: ContentFocus.TEXT,
      locale: 'en',
  // ...

See create your first post guide for more details on how to create a post.


Demo Snapshot

Use real Snapshot Proposal URLs when using Lens production environment and Proposals when using development or sandbox environments.

Visualize Snapshot Proposal details

When rendering a Publication you can check if it contains a Snapshot Proposal and extract its details for rendering a Twitter-like polls UI:

import { isPollPublication, PollPublication, Publication, usePollDetails } from '@lens-protocol/react-web';

function Poll({ publication }: { publication: PollPublication }) {
  const { data, error, loading } = usePollDetails({ publication });
  if (loading) {
    return <p>Loading...</p>;

  if (error) {
    return <p>{error.message}</p>;

  return (
      <h2>{data.title} ({data.isActive ? 'active' : 'closed'})</h2>

        {, idx) => (
          <li key={idx}>
            {choice.label} ({choice.percentage.toPrecision(3)}%) - {choice.didVote ? 'βœ…' : null}

export function PublicationContent({ publication }: { publication: Publication }) {
	if (isPollPublication(publication)) {
    return <Poll publication={

  // render other publications as usual
  return (

What's happening?

  • we use the isPollPublication to determine if the publication is of type PollPublication and render the publication with a dedicated <Poll> component. PollPublication is a special type of Post | Comment that contains opaque metadata used by the SDK to fetch data and, later on, vote on a given poll.
  • we use the usePollDetails to fetch details about the Snapshot Proposal.

In the specific the data have the following details:

type SnapshotDetails = {  
    author: EthereumAddress;  
    choices: TwoAtLeastArray<PollChoice>;  
    eligibility: VoteEligibility; // CAN_VOTE | CANNOT_VOTE | UNKNOWN
    endAt: Date;  
    isActive: boolean;  
    isSingleChoice: boolean;  
    quorum: number;  
    snapshot: string | null;  
    space: SnapshotSpace;  
    startAt: Date;  
    system: SnapshotVotingSystem;
    title: string;  
    totalVotes: number;  
    url: Url;  

Each item in choices has the following shape:

type PollChoice = {
  label: string;
  votes: number; // the total numbers of votes
  didVote: boolean; // a boolean representing if the logged-in wallet has voted or not
  percentage: number; // a decimal number between 0 and 100

The error could be of type NotFoundError indicating the given Snapshot Proposal no longer exist (or the URL was malformed and lead to a not existent proposal ID).

See Lens SDK reference document for more details on these types.

Vote a Snapshot Proposal

In the following we will focus on the PollPublication component from the previous example by changing the UI into a form and adding voting capability to it.

import { PollPublication, Publication, usePollDetails, usePollVote } from '@lens-protocol/react-web';

function Poll({ publication }: { publication: PollPublication }) {
  const { data } = usePollDetails({ publication });
  const { execute, error, isPending } = usePollVote({ publication });
  // omitted loading and fetching error for brevity
  const onSubmit = async (event: React.FormEvent<HTMLFormElement>) => {

    const form = event.currentTarget;
    const formData = new FormData(form);

    const choice = parseInt((formData.get('choice') as string) ?? never());

    await execute(choice);

  return (
    <form onSubmit={onSubmit}>
        <legend>{data.title} ({data.isActive ? 'active' : 'closed'})</legend>

        {, idx) => (
          <label key={idx}>
              type={data.isSingleChoice ? 'radio' : 'checkbox'}
            &nbsp;{choice.label} ({choice.percentage.toPrecision(3)}%)

        <button disabled={!data.isActive || isPending} type="submit">

        {error && <pre>{error.message}</pre>}

What's happening?

  • we wired a second React hook called usePollVote into the previous example UI
  • we render the polls choices as mutually exclusive (radio buttons) or not (checkboxes) according to data.isSingleChoice flag.
  • we use a <form> to let the user express their choice and submit it
  • we vote by calling execute callback with the user's choice(s).