useFeed is a React Hook that lets you fetch the feed of a given profile.

const { data, loading, hasMore, next } = useFeed(args)


import { useFeed } from '@lens-protocol/react-web';

function Feed() {
const {
    data: feedItems,
  } = useFeed({
    profileId: '0x02',
    limit: 10,




  • profileId: string (required) - the id of the profile to fetch the feed for
  • observerId: string (optional) - the id of the profile who is running the query, usually the logged-in/active profile
  • limit: number (optional) - the amount of items to return per page. This is performed in a best effort fashion. The API might return slightly less items than requests. This does not mean the list reached the end of the data available. Use the hasMore returned flag to determine if more items are available in the following page of results.
  • metadataFilter: PublicationMetadataFilters (optional) - Any optional metadata to filter publications by.


  data: FeedItemFragment[],
  loading: boolean,
  hasMore: boolean, // whether there are more publications after the current batch
  next(): () => void, // fetches the next publications and appends to the data