These are some common issues you may run into while using @lens-protocol/react.

Next.js build failing

You might see your Next.js build failing with an error like this:

Error: Directory import '[...]/node_modules/@apollo/client/link/context' is not supported resolving ES modules imported from [...]/node_modules/@lens-protocol/api-bindings/dist/index.js
Did you mean to import @apollo/client/link/context/context.cjs?

The root cause is the lack of ESM support from Apollo Client which manifests itself when imported as sub-dependency of @lens-protocol/api-bindings (which in turn is imported by @lens-protocol/react). See open Apollo Client issue.

To fix it you need to edit you next.config.js so to make sure the Lens SDK and its sub-dependencies a transpiled by Next.js build pipeline.

const nextConfig = {
  transpilePackages: ['@lens-protocol'],

For further details on how to integrate Lens SDK with a Next.js app, there is a working Next.js example in the Lens SDK monorepo.