React Hooks SDK v2

The Lens React SDK is available for integrators as 2.0.0-alpha.x build. It's still in active development to add new Lens API v2 specific additions (poap, nfts, etc.) but all basic building blocks are there (profile, posting, commenting, reactions, collect, open actions, follow, etc.).

At the moment the documentation available is:

  • @lens-protocol/react-web reference for web apps (e.g. NextJS, PWAs, browser based apps in general)
  • @lens-protocol/react reference low level package for RN integrations. In the future we will create a bespoke @lens-protocol/react-native that will streamline some aspects of the RN integration.

In the coming weeks we will start to produce more tutorial-like guide for the Lens React SDK.

For any question, join the conversation on Discord